Today was great! I decided to bake some quality pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. It sounds crazy, but they taste amazing. During lunch with one of my dear friends, we began talking about unique baking recipes. She brought up the pumpkin chocolate chips cookies, and you can guess I might have had the same reaction you’re having right now. I thought to myself,  “WHAT?! PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP?!” However, I’m so glad I decided to make them because they were great!.

The cookies were bright orange with chocolate chips as dark as the asphalt used by  BirmnghamAsphaltcontractor.com! They are not too big or two small, but you can make them whatever size your heart desires. (Note: bigger cookies will be softer) I have to share with you all how amazing these cookies really are!

The ingredients you’ll need are as follows: 1 box of spiced cake mix, 1 bag of chocolate chips, and one can of pumpkin. Then, put it in a bowl and mix it all up. Next heat your oven to 350 degree Fahrenheit. Then, take a baking sheet, spray it down with PAM, and scoop out a spoon full and place it on the pan. Repeat this process until the pan is full. Proceed to place the pan in the oven and bake the cookies for 20 minutes. Lastly, take them out of the oven and let them cool for 10 minutes before removing them from the tray.

Take your freshly baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and enjoy them with all your
friends and family! Everyone will want to know how you made such delicious cookies, but they’ll be shocked to find out that it’s only three ingredients. The cookies give the perfect balance of cake and cookie. You’ll love them so much, you won’t know what to do with yourself!!! If you love pumpkin and chocolate then these are the cookies for you.


Start baking today! It is so therapeutic! Especially when you get to do what you love all the time! Don’t take for granted the opportunity to bake new recipes like these amazing pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Cupcakes and Friends


Today it occurred to me how much I love red velvet cupcakes. I called up one of my good friends to see if she would want to come bake with me. I knew she had a great recipe for red velvet cupcakes, and I am always looking for ways to improve my skills.


We started by having all of our ingredients ready to go and preheated the oven to 350 degrees.

Next we mixed all of our ingredients for the cake and prepared to put them in the oven. (comment for full recipe). FInally we prepared the icing. After we removed the cupcakes from the oven, we let them cool for about 30 minute before adding the icing.


We had a blast baking them and spending time together. It was a win win situation. I got to bake and hang out with a great friend. I love getting to do what I love with such a great person. We spent the afternoon eating our delicious cupcakes and reminiscing on old times together. One of my favorite memories was when we tried to make cupcakes in our college dorm room only to forget we did not have an oven. We ended up going to a friends house at 2AM to bake because we were craving freshly baked cupcakes. I guess I have a bit of a cupcake addiction, but why not be passionate about what you love.


We spent a lot of time talking about some of the best quality baking equipment as well. One of the best brands you can use is KitchenAide. They have quality stuff to help you with all your baking needs.  The variety of add ons will help you make the perfect dessert, and the bowl will help keep you from making a big mess. It’s easy to clean afterwards, so you can enjoy cooking without the stress of making a big mess. Not to mention, their products are reasonably priced and they come in a variety of colors.


Moral of the story: FInd a friend that’s passionate about baking and have fun together! Sharing an interest with someone is a great way to learn new baking skills and also get to spend time with someone you love!


Baking Beverly


Baking with a Nun

I was volunteering with an order of nuns in Chicago, Illinois. One of the sisters was on the show chopped and actually won! She was an an incredible cook, not to mention her baking skills were phenomenal. She decided to make a carrot cake for all of the volunteers, but she ran out of carrots. Instead, she decided to use zucchini. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but it was the best piece of cake I have ever had.The flavors went together so well. I could not believe how fast she whipped up a cake, and it tasted absolutely amazing. I mean no wonder she won chopped. I felt honored to get to be in the kitchen with her. I named it Holy Cake because she clearly has a connection to God through cooking. I could go on about that cake forever. I spent most of the week talking about it. Yesterday

She gave me some great simple tips to use for baking:


  1. Use the correct consistency of butter. It’s important that the butter is not too hard or too soft. You also don’t want the butter to be too hot or too cold. It can make a big difference in how moist the cake is.
  2. Have your ingredients ready to go! That way the baking process is swift and efficient.
  3. Get an oven thermometer. This will help make sure your baked goods are cooked all the way through.
  4. Weigh your measurements. This will help your food to have a more balanced taste.
  5. Always cook with love. The sister I cooked with made everything with kindness and compassion for others, and it made a big difference.

My time spent cooking with the Sisters in Chicago helped me learn the importance of doing everything with purpose and love. Even something as simple as making sure the butter is a good consistency so that the people who enjoy your food have the best experience possible. If you love to cook or bake, take time to get each step right and enjoy the time you get to spend doing what you love. Sometimes I spend so much time baking I forget it is what I really love to do.